SKYFALL is the Progressive Trance project of Daniel Bernardo Aka MENOG.
He’s been heavily into music since childhood. After having played guitar and drums in his Metal Band in early 90s, he got introduced to underground Electronic Music scene in Portugal around ’95. His first visit to the Boom Festival in 1998 inspired him to start his own project MENOG.

In 2002, Dani released his first album “Natural Behavior” as MENOG and has been rocking parties allover the globe ever since.

In 2013 Daniel decides to explore the more spaced and slower side of Psychedelic Trance and formed SKYFALL; the name inspired by his passion for skydiving.
SKYFALL stands for massive, driving Progressive grooves that take the dancefloor on a journey, a perfect balance between cybersonic soundscapes and human musicality/emotions.

Stay Tuned, as SKYFALL is bound to take the scene by storm.

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